Waterloo Road Havant Hants PO9 1BH


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Lodges and Degrees meeting at Havant

Carnarvon Lodge No 804                                      Robert Pedder carnarvon_804@outlook.com

Havant Lodge No 4689                                          John Finch jafinch@ntlworld.com

Hayling Island Lodge No 6422                          Jason Steel jason.steele@hotmail.co.uk

Forest of Bere Lodge No 6612                          Graham Lant FOB6612@gmail.com

Carnarvon Chapter No 804                                Steve Rogers mailmasonic@yahoo.com

Landport Chapter No 1776                               Alan Milling alanmilling@talktalk.net

St. Georges Chapter No 1958                          Keith Davis yesitsdavis@yahoo.co.uk

St. Clair Chapter No 2074                                   Andrew Spencer andyspencer2@btconnect.com

Haying Island Chapter No 6422                     Mark Denton  midenton_masonic@outlook.com

St. Mary Chapter No 7304                                 Roly Walker roly@dingleydell.plus.com

Portsmouth Lodge of M.M.M. No. 17 T.I.   Paul Coppin  paul.coppin1@ntlworld.com 

Carnarvon Lodge of M.M.M. No 62              Mark Denton  midenton_masonic@outlook.com

Thistle & Shamrock M.M.M. No 1048         Michael Foster mjf263@hotmail.co.uk

Portsmouth Lodge of R.A.M. No 17              Paul Coppin  scribe@portsmouth17-ram.co.uk

Carnarvon Lodge of RAM No 62                    Mark Denton midenton_masonic@outlook.com

Perram Conclave O.S.M. No 99                       Alan Rock alan.rock51@yahoo.co.uk

Escurial Council "D" A.M.D. D.T.I.                   Mark Denton   midenton_masonic@outlook.com

Carnarvon Council R.& S.M. No 5                  Mark Denton    midenton_masonic@outlook.com

Pilgrim Preceptory No 357                                Lee Freestone lee@lfelectricalservices.com

Hampshire Tabernacle No 37                           Peter Wyles pfw.cosham@lineone.net

Don Olleson Conclave No 431                        David Matthews  davidmatthews498@btinternet.com

Portus Adurni Conclave No 13                       John Shade shadej@btinternet.com

Elias Ashmole No 19                                             Peter Brown   papabrownbear49@hotmail.co.uk

Ladies Degrees

Zenith Chapter No 15                                         Norah Gorlick norahgorlick1525@btinternet.com

Serenity RAM No 19                                           Sue Pyke  sue_pyke@yahoo.com 

Serenity RAM No 19                                           Sue Pyke sue_pyke@yahoo.com 

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